Revised 2016-10-27 by Dan Rosenstark
for MDP2 Version 2.4.5

What's a Throttle and Why
Throttles restrict the number of MIDI messages that can be sent at once.

This article is only about outgoing messages from MD. Outgoing throttles are useful when your MIDI target is overwhelmed by the amount of MIDI messages received.

The Old Throttle, January 2014
The output throttle in MIDI Designer was implemented in January of 2014 and is described here. As the FAQ puts it:

The pause is .01 multiplied by the number you have in the Throttle setting in Config. MD sends 5 messages per batch.

This is the throttle you see in More -> Config -> MIDI

The Vintage Throttle
The Vintage Throttle was added for version 2.4.5 (forthcoming). While the Old Throttle worked for a few highly-visible MIDI targets -- notably the Roland JD-990 -- it wasn't enough.

The Vintage Throttle allows one MIDI message to be sent out every 200ms. That's a lot! The only caveat to that for two types of MIDI messages -- control changes and note-on/off -- the last value is sent and all prior values in the output "queue" are ignored.

Enabling the Vintage Throttle, Global
The highest three values of the Old Throttle also activate the Vintage Throttle in addition to the Old Throttle.

Since the output throttle is so aggressive (i.e., slow), this might not be suitable for many situations. In those cases, it can be enabled on a per-control basis.

Enabling the Vintage Throttle, Per-Control Basis
Individual controls may be marked for throttling with the Vintage Throttle via Control Properties -> MIDI.
NOTE: If the Global Vintage Throttle is ON, this setting has no effect.